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Analyzed the movie Margin Call from a legal perspective Term Paper - 1

Analyzed the movie Margin Call from a legal perspective - Term Paper Example is no character featuring the film that breaks the law, gets involved in conspiracy, or does anything any reasonable person would call unquestionably illegal. Even when the film’s fictional bank CEO makes the decision to peddle all the toxic assets in company’s - the act that factually sets in motion the total collapse of the whole American financial system – this is an understandable, if challenging, choice. If he does not sell first and begin the catastrophe, someone else is there waiting to do the same. That is the core puzzle of what economists name a collective action matter. If no specific individual or firm’s actions can change things, the only reasonable thing that can be done is assuming everyone else will adopt their most selfish (and perhaps destructive) instincts. Everybody has an incentive to adopt the worst path they think others of following, and hence it becomes a self-fulfilling insight. This not only explains why the bubbles burst, but also illustrates why they build up firstly. After all, why did big investment banks begun packaging and selling big amounts of mortgage-backed securities that ultimately triggered the crisis? It is because all the other banks did it. They were seeking greater profits, obviously, but profits are the purpose of any company and its survival basis. Each bank’s employees were aware that if they did not get in on this exceptionally lucrative new business branch, they would fall behind their rivals, their share price go down, th ey would get fired. The difficult certainty is that with systemic catastrophes like the one that has lead to our current economic crisis, no one is to blame since everyone is to blame. In the end, though, this sympathetic bankers’ dilemma portrayal offers perhaps the most pejorative indictment one can make in the modern capitalist fiscal system (Bernstein 1). After all, if disaster like this can occur even when decent individual are more or less endeavoring to do their best, hence

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Adoption by lesbian couple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Adoption by lesbian couple - Essay Example Consequently, this has prompted the state to intervene via devising measures whose core purpose is to ease quick placement of the adoptees and reduce augmenting numbers in the adoption agencies. This essay via utilizing Jacqui and Anne’s case, seeks to highlight various aspects and obstacles that have rendered adoption process to be complex despite some measures imposed by the agencies not emphasized by the law. The first obstacle encompasses cultural differences amid the child on one side and would-be adopters. Since, both the parties emanate from varied cultures whereby the child may not be able to integrate well with the couple as necessitated and feel secured while under their care. Unaccompanied asylum seekers before arriving in UK, most of them have experienced untold sufferings to the extent of some traumatized (Coghill, 2009). Hence, the relevant authorities (adoption agencies) insist on presenting them to the individuals whom they deem beyond doubt will avail them the necessary care, comfort and love. Since, these children have to learn the state’s language besides embracing the new culture different from theirs, which is entirely diverse and may pose a challenge to them (Manchester City Council, 2013). Therefore, the social worker’s showing of displeasure was due to the pair’s plea to adopt despite their economic instability (Coghill, 2009). Cultural difference may pose a great challenge to the adopting parents because besides helping the child to embrace that of UK, they will not be able to understand the child’s former traditions. For instance, suppose the child emanates from Africa where child’s nurturing is exclusively diverse from the western states (Manchester City Council, 2013). Most African cultures regardless of a one’s sex usually deem the mother has more responsibilities in nurturing the child until the males reach the initiation age where the fathers take over. This is divergent to the UK w here the couple assumes all the roles jointly and it may have significant adverse impact especially if the adoptee is a teen (Coghill, 2009. Besides, the child may doubt the relationship of the adopting parents, (adoption) which conflicts what he or she has all through deemed to be right (Coghill, 2009). Since, in African or other regions like Asian, same sex union aspect is a taboo that may affect the child (Coghill, 2009, p. 54). This is especially when one is aware of what their culture dictates regarding marriage. Hence, prompting the social agency to reject Jacqui and Anne’s plea. Besides, according to their narration, there is no prove they will be together until the child attains his or her independence stage (Coghill, 2009). This is because they argue to be living together but no documents to prove their union (Coghill, 2009). Another obstacle regards the preference of race, which by extension they offered to have, whereby the adoption agency will be reluctant in lett ing the pair get the adoptee of their choice (Allen, 2005). Since, this may add up to worsening the child’s state besides the distress or severe experiences, he or she might have experienced (Allen, 2005). Probably, this was the reason that displeased social worker to the extent of not hearkening to their plea and declined to offer them any apparent reason (Allen, 2005). Because the adopters may perceive the agency operates on racial bases, which is not tolerable in UK. The UK statutes have mandated agencies to act in any case in the favor of the child irrespective of who may be intending to act as adopters (Allen, 2005). This implies the child’